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“Horrible Histories” Live Show and Signing with Terry Deary

terry deary

Saturday 13 July Live show and signing by “Horrible Histories” author Terry Deary

Sunderland Minster will be staging a live show and signing by “Horrible Histories” author Terry Deary on Saturday 13th July at 7pm

Tickets are available from Sunderland Minster office or shop Monday – Saturday 10.00 – 3.00

Reservations : telephone 0191 565 4066 or email admin@sunderlandminster.org

It is aimed at children and young people age 8 to 14 years old who must be accompanied by an adult.


under 16 £3

Adult       £5

Lindisfarne Faith and Life Information Morning

Lindisfarne Faith and Life Information Morning

Faith & Life
Do you ever find that:
 you are wondering about your life in
relation to God’s plan?

there is a mismatch between your Sunday

faith and the rest of your life?
 there are complex issues about faith in
your work place?
 there are big issues in the world that
make you question your faith?

you would just like to explore things

 The Faith & Life course can help!
 Those who are engaged in the day to day life of
their church sometimes find themselves too busy
to stop and reflect. Faith & Life provides an
opportunity to do just that. People who have
completed the course have discovered that it
has benefitted both themselves and their church.
 Connecting faith and life
 If you think faith should affect every part of your
life, then this course is for you. It’s for Christians
who want their beliefs, church membership and
daily life to mesh together better. You’ll find it
it encourages you to be open to God
and open to change. It’s not academic and you
don’t need to have any formal qualifications
just need to be baptised and committed.
 Exploring new pathways
 The course is about action as well as ideas. You’ll
be able to try new approaches to prayer, study and
 reading the Bible. And you’ll look for God’s help in
recognising and using your gifts in his service.
Come and explore where God is leading you and
the Church in our challenging world.
 Learning in a small group
 The maximum group size is 12 people, plus two
leaders. Sessions last for two hours but you’ll find
that the time passes quickly. There’s a mixture of
worship, teaching, discussion, prayer, workshops,
buzz groups and role play
the course is not a
series of lectures. Between sessions you can do
further work under your own steam and dig as
deeply as you like.
 Your group will have members from several
churches and in a course of 30 sessions there is
time to get to know one another. You’ll discover
the variety of God’s people, each with something to
share. You might even make lasting friendships.
Come and discover the strength of learning in a
supportive group.
 The course begins with a special meeting in
September and ends with a service of Celebration
and dedication in June. In between there are
weekly meetings, with breaks of several weeks at
Christmas and Easter
plus two Saturday away
The total cost of the course is £50 and many
church councils are prepared to assist with this.
However, if you are on a low income please ask
about a reduced fee as we do not want this to
stop you from applying.
How to apply
Contact Alastair Macnaughton, Lindisfarne’s
Developing Discipleship Officer on 0191 234 0371
or email alastairmacnaughton@lindisfarnertp.org
Once we have your contact details we can then
get in touch when we know where groups are
likely to take place from September. If you and
anyone else in your area are particularly
interested in attending please contact us as early
as possible as we might be able to set up a group
near you.
Once your place on the course is confirmed we
will ask for a £20 deposit. Cheques should be
made payable to ‘Lindisfarne Regional Training
Partnership Limited’. Please do not apply unless
you can make attendance a high priority. You
might even need to put one or two other
commitments ‘on hold’. The closing date for
applications is the end of August.
Local groups
Groups are set up wherever there are 10 or more
interested people. We try to ensure a good mix
within groups, usually no more than three people
from any one church. Once a group is established,
a Course Co
ordinator promotes the course in his
or her own area and takes bookings. A Group
Pastor stays with the group throughout the year,
seeking to ensure that the course is helpful and
worthwhile for everybody.
The course is broken down into five units and
teaching partners may come in to facilitate a unit.
Unit 1
Encountering Jesus
Unit 2
Responding to God
Unit 3
Tricky Choices in Today’s World
Unit 4
Sharing our Faith
Unit 5
Working Together
What people have said about the course
Bishop John Pritchard (Bishop of Oxford):
“The Faith and Life course has a brilliant track
record of having started hundreds of people on a
path of greater confidence and enjoyment of their
faith and daily discipleship. And once the journey
has started, you never know where it’s going to
end. Try it!”
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